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What is Structured Water?
     According to Dr. Alberto Peribanez Gonzalez, CRM-SP: 13025-3, surgeon graduated from the University of Brasília, with a master's and doctorate degree from the Surgical Research Institute of the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany:
"Structured water contains, or has the capacity to contain, more energy than unstructured water, such as distilled or mineral water."
What are the benefits of Structured Water consumption?
         According to Dr. Alberto Peribanez Gonzalez, CRM-SP: 13025-3:
​"The more structured water we have in our cells, healthier will be our biological systems. The more structured water inside the cells, the more equilibrium will occur between cellular ions such as calcium, potassium and sodium, which travel from one side to the other of the cell membrane, determining the colloid-osmotic balance, and consequently electrochemical balance, with cell membrane stabilization. "
What is the difference between Structured Water and common water?
For Drunvalo Mekchizedek in Mother Earth - The New Consciousness and Sacred Water:
"Any healthy cell, no matter what cell it is, is always surrounded by structured water. So what is the difference? It is extremely simple.  The only difference is in the number of electrons in the outer orbits of the water molecule. This is the difference! This unstructured water is losing these outer electrons, and this causes diseases. The water that presents these outer electrons with intact wrappings is healthy."
According to Dr. Alberto Peribanez Gonzalez, CRM-SP: 13025-3:
“Researchers have found that in structured water the angle of molecular bonding between oxygen and hydrogen atoms is different from unstructured water with no energy charge."
How can water become unstructured?

    For Drunvalo Mekchizedek, in Mother Earth - The New Consciousness and Sacred Water:
"... water that passes through any tube, which happens to almost all of our water in the big cities that enters our bodies, is unstructured (and chemically altered with fluorine). Only with a few meters of movement in a pipe under pressure and the water can no longer rotate in the way it wants. Instead, it is forced to move in concentric rings. And these concentric rings pull out the outer electrons, forming unstructured water. (That's not taking into account all chemicals added to water in large treatment plants in cities) ... "" ... Structured water can be easily unstructured by heating and boiling ... ".
Where can I find additional information?

What is SHARUR's difference from other commercial products?
     Almost all products similar to SHARUR use permanent magnets immersed in the volume of the water to be magnetized, as shown below, for this they direct the magnetic induction to the outer side of the magnetizer. With this the user gets exposed to high magnetic induction intensities while handling the device. These magnetizers often exceed the limit of 4,000 Gauss established by the International Commission on Protection Against Non-Ionizing Radiation, contrary to the limit for personal use accepted by the World Health Organization.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​     In the development of SHARUR, this limit was respected by the concentration of 95% of the intensity of magnetic induction inside the magnetizer, allowing the establishment of a water flow homogeneously magnetized inside of it, thus avoiding stoppage of the water for several hours in large volumes, which favors the acidification after magnetization. The dynamics of the magnetization process in the SHARUR favors molecular restructuring, which does not occur in ordinary market magnetizers such as the one shown in the following figure.
Magnetizador para reservatórios de mercado.
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