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    Guidelines for using SHARUR:

  1. Do not use glass bottles or returnable plastic, as they may damage the thread and even break SHARUR's mouthpiece;

  2. PET bottles with very thin wall make it difficult to seal SHARUR's mouthpiece. Prefer bottles with thicker wall;

  3. Use only PET bottles of up to 2 liters to make Structured Water, then you can store it in any container of your choice;

  4. We recommend the use of bottles without grooves, folds or cavities that alter the shape of the vortex, as an example note a bottle that has the proper thickness, that favors the formation of the vortex;

  5. Do not use hot water to clean SHARUR nor to structure water. To clean use only water with neutral soap;

  6. Do not use any stain-remover or degreasing solvent on the SHARUR as it may corrode it and permanently damage it;

  7. Keep SHARUR in its original carton to protect against falls and to prevent residual moisture from passing through to nearby objects;

  8. Do not leave SHARUR exposed to high temperatures, because above 80°C the magnet loses magnetization and we cannot guarantee operation;

  9. When the previous recommendations are observed, the durability of the magnetic assembly can reach 50 years;

  10. When filling the bottle do not fill the whole volume with water, leave 1/3 empty to facilitate the formation of the vortex;

  11. Repeat the video procedure seven (7) times to ensure durability of structured water effects for up to five days without loss of quality;

  12. We recommend consuming the structured water as close to the structuring date as possible, in order to obtain greater efficiency.

  13. The consumption of 100% Structured Water provides the benefits of better hydration;

  14.  There are other benefits arising from the use of structured water cited by doctors;

  15. After two weeks of use the effects begin to be observed, according to reports from continuous users of Structured Water.

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